True Life: I’m a Hermit

We’re quickly closing in on 3 months in Charlottesville. I’m not sure how time has flown by so quickly and what we’ve done with all of it, but based solely on my level of happiness, what we’ve done must have been great.

Of course, with the anniversary of our move comes the anniversary of me working from home. 

I started the first few weeks out as the perfect at-home employee. I woke up around 7AM each morning, dragged myself into the kitchen to make breakfast and slug down some coffee, and into my office I went (also see: guest room). Unfortunately I didn’t have quite as much work as I had hoped over the summer, so playing on Facebook sitting and staring out the window for hours on end when I was finished with my daily projects, became a new level of pathetic online stalking boring and flat out depressing. That’s when I decided to ‘work’ from the couch. Fortunately.. or unfortunately.. depending on the day, each morning started out with a 3 hour marathon of Supernatural, one of my all-time favorite shows. Come on, who wouldn’t want to be greeted by three handsome, quick witted, demon-slaying men each morning? While I was still productive, I often found myself sucked into an episode, coming to consciousness only when my stomach started growling for a mid-morning snack. Oops.

A couple of times, after Kevin’s nagging encouragement, I worked at coffee shops or by the pool. But, after Starbucks closed for the summer for renovations (and the fact that the other coffee houses were strapped for space), and finding myself laying out at the pool instead of working, I returned to my 1,000 sq. ft., fourth floor prison oasis.

Since then, I’ve found a happy medium of working from my office, working from the couch and even venturing out into the real world for a few hours, simply for the sake of my sanity. And productivity.. yeah, that probably should have been listed first…

Confession: Showers have become a thing of the past. I’ll wash off my body if I’ve worked out, but if I know I’m not going to be leaving the house or having any human contact, I don’t see the need to waste the water washing my hair. Surprisingly, washing my hair only every two days or so has really done wonders. My color has stayed longer, and It isn’t nearly as oily. So we’ll mark this one in the win column.

I think Lilly has really enjoyed my company at home as well. That’s a lie. She doesn’t give a damn I’m here aside from when she wants to drink water out of the faucet (which I’m convinced she has supernatural hearing while sleeping) and when she’s hungry. Thanks for the moral support, cat.

All-in-all, working from home really hasn’t been all that bad. I like the flexibility to clean, do laundry and run errands on my own time, and being able to prepare three meals a day of healthy, clean food has really helped with my energy/endurance while exercising/training.

This hermit lifestyle looks good on me. 


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