The Flopping Yogi

In order to become a more well-rounded runner and athlete, while working to speed up my half-marathon time, I’ve been doing a lot of cross training. Over the last few weeks I’ve upped my yoga practice from once to twice a week. Fortunately for me (and my bank account) I have access to free yoga classes through the hubbies job at the college.

On Mondays I’ve been attending Flexibility and Strength Yoga. We focus on a number of balancing poses and improving overall flexibility. On Wednesdays (or Thursdays) I take a Yoga Flow class which is similar to Vinyasa.

So last night during Yoga Flow, my awesome instructor Anne offered a couple of progressions as we were making our way through Moon Salutations. I had been getting stronger in bending poses, throwing Wild Thing every class and feeling really confident and stable in it (back story, I have a really bad left shoulder that I’m in full denial about).

So there I was, progressing to Wheel Pose and BAM. I was into it!


Unfortunately that’s where the happy feelings end. Anyone who practices yoga knows that getting out of advanced poses is just as important as getting into them.

I looked up at Anne….

funny-gasp-meme-cat 1Made my very best attempt to get out of the pose… and eventually gave into the fact that however I was going to get out of this, it wasn’t going to be pretty. Enter Yogi Flop.


I did manage to bounce back into the next pose immediately and move on like nothing happened… until we did the same progression on the other side a few minutes later and the same result occurred. It took every part of me not to burst out laughing both times but I held my composure until after class.

As an aside, if you too are a running yogi, you MUST check out Anne’s website and Facebook page!

Lesson learned: don’t advance into poses you can’t successfully get out of.

Any other running yogis have a similar experience before?



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