10 Tips for Working From Home

While we’re on the subject of working from home, I thought I’d take this time to offer some pointers for those of you who may be contemplating a professional relocation.

1. When your husband’s alarm goes off in the morning, don’t let that be your opportunity to turn off your own alarm. You will fall back asleep.

2. In that same breath, when your alarm does go off, get out of bed immediately. Otherwise you’re likely t…zzzz. You don’t have Mom or Dad at home anymore to hold you accountable for those ‘extra few minutes’ of shut-eye.

3. Stick with the 3 main meals a day rule. Plus a couple of light snacks, obviously. Having all of your favorite foods within arms reach at all times can = disaster if you’re not careful.

4. DRINK WATER. It’s really easy to get dehydrated when you’re not out and about moving and actually getting thirty. 

5. When all else fails, pick up the phone. It can be easy to get sucked into e-mailing all the time and not interacting or speaking with others when you aren’t around people all day.

6. Schedule time each day to get out of the house. Sometimes work can be overwhelming, and when you don’t have something to look forward to it seems down right depressing.

7. Make sure you have a project schedule for every project you’re working on. Each day, set aside a specific amount of time to work on each project, depending on priority, timeline and workload.

8. Take advantage of your downtime when it comes around to improve yourself personally and professionally. Grab a book, write a blog, update your resume. Do something to stimulate your brain that doesn’t include your work.

9. You’re going to have bad days and that’s okay. Learn what works and what doesn’t work for you and stick to the prior. 

10. When all else fails, leave the house. Go grab a cup of coffee, go for a run, recharge your battery in any way you can. 


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