A Very Grumpy Season

Has anyone else noticed how truly irritable people are during what is supposed to be the ‘most wonderful time of the year’? 


Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting a few cars back at a stoplight while out running errands. The light turned green and the cars ahead of me proceeded into the intersection, making their left hand turn. As I entered the intersection to drive straight through, a young student on a run darted in front of my car. She clearly wasn’t paying a lick of attention outside of her headphones and didn’t even pause when she got to the light. I slammed on my breaks and laid on my horn. I obviously startled her but her response was to give me a dirty look as if she couldn’t believe I was honking at her. At that moment, i wanted nothing more than to pull the car over, and explain to her how ignorant she was being and that she was lucky I was paying attention (and only going about 15 mph). But don’t worry, I held my tongue. I continued down the street only to drive past another female student who witnessed the entire thing, and she proceeded to wave her hand at me and give me a dirty look as well. Seriously? I know it’s finals week and all, but that certainly doesn’t give you a right to hate the world.

I managed to arrive at the Post Office without further incident, which is lucky because my blood pressure was through the roof by this point in time. As I was leaving the Post Office and heading to the grocery store, I made a left in the parking lot in front of a large SUV. I had plenty of time, despite the fact that the woman was driving exceptionally fast for a packed parking lot full of people and vehicles. She too proceeded to stare me down!

Strangely enough, my most pleasant experience yesterday was the exceptionally long line at the Post Office, so thank you to the Postal employees for renewing my faith in humanity.

I know it’s a stressful, busy, and crazy time of the year, but do yourself a favor – smile. Life’s way too short to be grumpy.




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