Bum Knees and Bitter Cold

For the last 6 days I’ve been nursing my poor left knee. The injury occurred Wednesday at the very start of my 4-miler and yoga flow practice. I felt really good at the beginning of the run and sprung up a set of stairs… BAM. I suddenly felt a sharp pain under my knee cap. The pain was bad, but it didn’t last long. I continued on to finish out the first two miles before yoga. Nothing during the 45 minute practice felt off, so I figured that the stretching helped whatever I had tweaked. I bundled up after class and ran the two miles back to my car with no pain. I iced my knee as soon as I got home and went to sleep. The next morning, I could barely walk and my knee looked like this:


I know what you’re thinking… yes, my right knee is the ‘normal’ one. And by normal I mean bony, knobby, alien-looking. As a distance runner, this obviously wasn’t my first injury rodeo. I RICE’d the injury for 36 hours and hoped it would do the trick. By Friday morning, nothing had helped the pain or swelling so I decided to have it looked at. The doctor didn’t see anything that particularly worried him and told me to continue what I had been doing, with an added prescription strength anti-inflammatory. It’s nearly a week later, and the swelling and fluid has finally subsided. My plan is to hit the gym for some weights and try my luck at the bike, just to assure things are back to normal before I head to yoga and possibly a run (inside on the dreadmil, not in the frigid temps) tomorrow night.

Speaking of cold, how did we manage to skip from fall to bitter winter overnight? It is November, right? I really anticipated having another few weeks to run outside before I was forced to retreat inside for the sake of my toes, nose and fingers.

photo 2
photo 1 Lilly is not a fan of the cold and would like to know when we’re traveling somewhere tropical…

Typically when it gets this cold, I resort to red wine in the evening to warm me up from the inside out, rather than hot chocolate or hot tea. Hot drinks don’t stay warm very long when I can’t keep the temperature up in the apartment. Unfortunately, I’m on a 15-day antibiotic treatment from my botched filling-turned-root-canal from last week, and am unable to consume alcohol until those are finished.

The struggle is real folks.. stay warm!



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