What Grinds My Gears

In this exciting installment of ‘what grinds my gears,’ I’ll dig deep into what I believe is going though the mind of an undergrad, yoga wardrobe malfunctions, and using a knife in the kitchen.

Holding the Door

This is a topic I’ve expressed my frustration about on numerous occasions. Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not the Mary Poppins of door holding. But I sure as hell look behind me to check as to whether there is anyone within an appropriate distance for me to hold the door for. Tonight while leaving yoga, I witnessed one of my classmates not hold the door on the way out of the studio. She then proceeded to walk through two more doorways on the way out of the Aquatics and Fitness Center (AFC), which at this point, I was walking 2 steps behind her. She open both doors just enough to slide herself through and slam them both in my face. By the second door, I made sure to smack my hand loudly against the medal to try and make a point, but she didn’t even flinch. How, after just leaving yoga are you so in your head that you can’t muster the energy to hold the door behind you for half a second?! To add insult to near injury, when I was pulling out of the parking lot another student walks right out in front of my car, resulting in me slamming (the whole 10mph) on my brakes. The kid didn’t look before walking out, nor did he bother to look or notice I nearly hit him.

I don’t understand it. Is the generation making their way through college right now so impersonal that they don’t know how to be safe and courteous human beings? That’s a scary thought for the future..

Yoga Wardrobe Malfunctions

As I mentioned above, I had my usual Monday night Strength & Flexibility practice this evening. Not fifteen minutes into the hour long class, one strap of my sports bra unhooked from the back. Fortunately, I had a black, somewhat high tank top on. Unfortunately, in fear of pulling a Janet Jackson, I had to continue adjusting myself every couple of poses. I’m all for adjustable sports bras… When they stay in one piece! I think I played it off pretty well, it certainly could have been worse.

Not Quite Mack The Knife

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m really clumsy and, what you would call accident prone. Lately I’ve found myself doing a lot more cooking where I need to cut, dice and slice fruits and vegetables. Each time I manage to cut my finger. Today, I decided to tackle some pumpkin chili (which turned out legit, if I do say so myself) before the 20 degree lows and 40 degree highs come later this week. While opening up the cans of beans and pumpkin, I managed to slice my finger right open. Again. In nearly the same spot as two weeks ago. I suppose when God was dishing out talent, he didn’t want to get too greedy with mine. I was blessed with an ability to cook, not an ability to prepare.



One thought on “What Grinds My Gears

  1. The door thing drove me to a new level of insanity when I lived in Los Angeles. Just… nobody… NOBODY held the door for one another. Today, a woman in front of me opened the door and actually held it open for me – she didn’t do the thing where she opened it, walked halfway through and then kinda waited while I caught up, no. She actually held it open while I passed her and entered the building. It had been so freaking long since someone had done that … I was nearly speechless. She must have been so confused as to why I thanked her so enthusiastically.

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