True Life: I’m Sick

As is typical for my cruddy immune system and the change in the weather, I find myself sick every year right around this time. It’s usually just a bad cold or flu that sidelines me for a while, and I’m good to go until spring when the change in weather and allergies get me again. Unfortunately, my body has a ‘go big, or go home’ mentality when it comes to getting sick, and usually equates to me being sidelined for a couple weeks.

The doctor isn’t really sure what is going on with my body and decided to run some blood tests to get started on the diagnosis, but my veins had other ideas. When I was a kid, passing out during blood-work was a normal occurrence. Over the years I’ve gotten over that and between my rock solid veins, experience having it done SO often, and determination not to pass out, I’ve been a rock star patient. Yesterday was not one of those rock star days. The veins in my arms rolled like crazy and after two very painful attempts to draw, two episodes of nearly passing out, and two large bruises the nurse was only able to draw a tube and a half of blood. I’m praying to anyone who wants to listen at this point to assure that I don’t have to go back in for more to be drawn.

The doctor had two initial ideas of what could be going on based on symptoms, one of which is Cat Scratch Fever. I know you’re thinking the same thing I was when he mentioned it… You mean this is actually a thing outside of the Ted Nugent song? Unfortunately yes, it is. And it isn’t a pleasant diagnosis. Either option would mean I’m sick for months. Yes, months.

I hate that this is hitting right around the time I’m trying to get back into blogging, considering my streak is only 2 days now.. but I promise I will do my best despite the circumstances. On top of that, I had hopes that my fall/winter training for running would pan out, but it isn’t looking good at the moment.

Monday I was fortunate enough to have a great yoga practice. For some of my arm-balance poses like crow and side-crow, I’m comfortable enough to be able to develop them further into more advanced poses. I got a little ahead of myself on Monday and while extending my legs out forward from my side crow, knocked myself off balance and slammed into the floor hip first. On the up-side – it wasn’t my face! I feel as though it’s a right of passage that you eat mat once a month in your yoga practice. It means you’re attempting something bigger and more advanced, regardless of whether it’s successful or not.

In closing today, I ask for healing thoughts and prayers, and that the diagnosis is something simple.

Have a beautiful day!



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