The Lure of Ultra Running

I’ve only completed one ultra so far, but this is exactly why I fell in love with the people and distance! Plus, the author is on point with the exceptionally rewarding feeling behind pushing yourself to your mental and physical limits.

What Run?

Its no secret that ultra distance is my favourite running distance. Unlike the marathon where 42.195km is the benchmark for someone to call themselves a marathoner, no clear definition exists for what should be an ultra marathon distance. Most would say “anything beyond 42.195km is an ultramarathon”.  But you can’t really pit someone who ran 43km and 100 miles in the same league although they would both be called ultramarathoners.


And even running ultra marathon distances defy the logical convention of exercising to be healthy. Muscle damage, injuries, heat stroke, dehydration, vomiting, excessive lost of fluid or body weight and too many others to name are common in an ultra marathon. Doctors advise for us to exercise in moderation to stay healthy, but ultra marathoners always push for the extremes to the point of risking their lives.

What motivates someone to voluntarily run in ungodly hours (while the entire population is sleeping)…

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