GFAF Wellness Event Charlotte


I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be a guest blogger for the Gluten & Allergy-Free Wellness Event in Charlotte on March 29th. The one day event will take place at the CPCC Harris Campus (the one near the airport, not Uptown) just off of I-485 (aka, easy access) from 10-4PM.

You’re probably saying to yourself “I’ve seen your food and beer posts, Swags, I know you aren’t gluten free.” Well, sir/ma’am you are correct! However, I am allergic to Red Dye #40 and Carmel Coloring that is found in a ton of foods. My trips to the grocery store take twice as long as they should because I have to check the ingredients of nearly every item the hubby and I pick up.

Now, my allergy isn’t deadly nor as bad as with other friends who are highly allergic to Gluten, nuts, etc. but I do swell up with huge hives and enter into the world of intestinal distress. It isn’t pretty and it isn’t fun.

So, check it out. Admission to the events includes:

  • Product sampling and sales from more than 50 companies
  • Free lectures from well known members of the gluten-free community about gluten and allergen-free living
  • Free cooking demonstrations that invite you to explore the world of gluten-free cooking one delicious bite at a time
  • A free gift bag to tote around samples and purchases

As part of my role as a guest blogger, I’m able to give away 4-tickets to this event! I’ll be drawing two people to receive two tickets each. This drawing will take place on Monday, March 21st. If you’re selected, you can pick up your tickets at will-call the day of the event.

To enter, simply comment on this post with your food allergy (dyes, nuts, gluten, none, etc.) and i’ll have a 3rd party select the two winners on Monday, the 17th!

I’ll be getting my yoga on with the Checkers from 8-12:30 p.m. that day, but once that has concluded, i’ll be looking forward to making my way over to the event gaining some of those calories back!


2 thoughts on “GFAF Wellness Event Charlotte

  1. My oldest and are have celiac & my 6 yr old has type 1 diabetes. I do gluten free for all of my 5 children as much as I can because I wonder if the others don’t have some sort of sensitivity the gluten that we haven’t picked up on yet.

    1. Wow Amy! Thanks for sharing. It’s great that you all are able to tackle this together. Staying healthy when everyone has the same needs is probably a bit more manageable than having different meals for different people.

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