Palmetto Half Marathon

Well, no time better than the present to start depleting my bank account and getting my 2014 races set!

Today I registered for the Palmetto Half Marathon that takes place just north of Columbia, South Carolina. 

To be honest, this race wasn’t even on my radar as I’d never heard of it. The hubby sent me a link for the race on LivingSocial, which offered an entry for $56 dollars (or $50 if you registered within 4 minutes of opening the e-mail!) 

I knew I needed to get something on my radar for the spring to force me back into training, and what better way to do it than with a discount.

The course is described as “a good mix of hills and flat” and they’re confident “the course should be relatively fast and ‘runner friendly’ for first time half marathoners but challenging enough for veterans looking for a fast course.”The route is an out and back that begins with a 1-mile loop around the Village at Sandhill, features another loop around some ponds from miles 6-8 and finishes flat back in the Village at Sandhill. I’m not familiar with the area but it seems like there will be plenty to look at.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the training mode. I’d really like to get my next PR at this race as my body prefers running fast hills to flat courses any day. I suppose I need to start singing up for the rest of my spring races soon too.

Anyone out there racing in this or have before? 


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