If Soles Could Talk

I often wonder, if the soles of our shoes could talk, what they would say?


Would they talk about all the places they’ve been, or the conversation’s they’ve been privy to? Would they complain about the times they were left in the closet when other activities took precedent? Would they reminisce about the warmth of the sun or wince at the cold mornings they were forced to endure? Would they remember things mile by mile or step by step? Would they judge you for the situations you put them (and yourself) in, or would they appreciate being given opportunities to learn and grow?

Personally, I’d hope my shoes would feel cultured, well traveled and extremely respected. I see my shoes as an extension of myself, and treat them as such. There are times where I may regret my shoe choice, be it a pair of heels too tall for the day’s activities or a pair of running shoes not yet broken in for a long run, but at the end of the day, I appreciate when I’ve learned from them. I find it difficult parting with them when the time comes to purchase new, as each pair have specific memories associated with them. They see my triumphs and struggles every day, and have never let me down regardless of the outcome. In a word, my shoes are like my friends.

What would the soles of your shoes say or think?


2 thoughts on “If Soles Could Talk

  1. Hmmm good question! My running shoes would probably be like “Whoa I didn’t think you were seriously going to do that long run in the rain!” because right now they are muddy and stained and not happy. My Ugg boots would probably have the most to stay to me (don’t judge, I love how warm they are and I don’t care that I’m 26 and still wear them!) because I’ve had them since sophomore year in college. They’ve seen me meet, date, and marry my husband and they’ve been all over the country including Alaska! I obviously don’t wear them on important or fancy events or even on my most exciting adventures, but they can basically tell the story of my life for the past few years!

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