Races on my 2014 Radar

As we enter into the new year, I felt like I should compile a list of the races I look to participate in this year. Now, most of these are races I’ve participated in in the past, or have already registered for, but there are a couple of ‘wish-list’ races. I’d like to get in 3-4 half marathons, 1 Ultra and 1 Marathon. Depending on how life plays out over the next few months, additional smaller races may be thrown in too!

CRC Winter Classic 8K – Although, I may end up just working it again this year

Something on my birthday (the 15th), unsure of what that is yet..

Columbia Marathon Relay – Already registered with Hayley, Karen and Sharon
Shamrock 4-Miler

Racefest – Half Marathon

RMFY Twilight 5K

Brew Dash 6K – US National Whitewater Center, trail race

Firecracker 5K – July 3rd Evening
RFYL 4-Miler – July 4th Morning

Patrick Henry Half Marathon
Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

Hinson Lake 24 Hour – 50 Mile goal


Richmond Marathon

Do any of our races over lap? What are your racing plans for the year?


5 thoughts on “Races on my 2014 Radar

    1. Awesome! My friends and I ran it last year and loved it. You’re brave for running the marathon though, as I don’t think I could have done it with the 2 laps!

      1. I picked Columbia to knock South Carolina off of my list and the timing was perfect! I actually thought the same thing – that two loops would suck – but I’ve run two other marathons like that and really enjoyed it. One of them ended up being a PR at the time! I’m still planning on running this one easy as it is just a little over a month away from Boston, but I am excited anyway!

    1. I have not, but I’ve heard good things about the course and setup. I’ve never participated in a Rock ‘n’ Roll before as I’m not a fan of massive crowds.

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