A New Years ‘Revolution’

Eat more jellybeans.

Just kidding. But seriously, how adorable are those AT&T commercials with the round-table kid discussions?!

I realize I’m a bit late to this as, well, it’s already January 2nd. The good news is, I’m not much for making grand resolutions that I know i’ll end up breaking early into the new year. No, I’m better off setting achievable goals as the year progresses and the time is right. I find it easier to set a specific time table, like when training for a marathon, and working to hit specific goals on my way from point A to point B. I hold myself more accountable that way and find to be far more successful.

So, for the month of January, I’m focusing on cross training with a few runs thrown in when I have an opportunity… and the weather is right.

Despite being on the tail end of a 7 day plague, I was able to sneak in 2 workouts last night: A 10-minute fat blasting circuit and a 10-minute Arm/Ab/Leg circuit. My butt and thighs are actually pretty sore today, which means it’s working, as I can usually run for hours without feeling any burn at all.

You can find both workouts HERE.

My goal is to rotate the workouts on this website 3x a week, along with the 30-day yoga challenge, in hopes of developing a more toned body for when my spring training begins. I may extend this into February as well, but we will see how things go.

Overall in 2014, I’d love to be more toned and cut, eat a bit healthier, and really focus on developing a love for life deeper than it has been lately.

What about you? Are you a resolution person, or do you prefer to manage goals in smaller chunks?


2 thoughts on “A New Years ‘Revolution’

  1. Agreed! I did some squats the week after my half and was sore for THREE days. It amazed me. I’m going to take up Pure Barre for the next two months and try to work some running in. Similar goals for me too!

  2. Goals in small chunks everytime! My problem with new years resolutions is that it feels like they have to be huge and life changing, and I think thats too much for me to handle in one go. Lots of little changes throughout the year is easier for me to maintain 🙂

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