Leading a Double Life

In this day and age, with the constant bombardment of personal gains, struggles, events and private information being spewed across social media platforms, I think we’ve grown to trust that we know the people we surround ourselves with. But truly, how much do we really know about them?

I was faced with some news lately about someone I thought I knew. Someone who I’d interacted with on numerous occasions over the last four years and someone who has had a big enough impact on my life, that I was actually without words upon receiving the news.

I feel as though I’m a pretty good judge of character. As someone to takes pride in knowing what is going on in people’s lives (as much as possible) and being truly interested in their well-being, I’d like to think I would know if something was so terribly off. Clearly, I was wrong.

As a society, it seems we have become accustomed to trusting what people tell us through social media platforms. Really, what reason do we have not to? We all post photos, boast about achievements, complain about struggles and take comfort in knowing we aren’t along with every ‘like’ ‘RT’ and ‘comment we receive. What I’m realizing is that people put forth only enough information to keep you interested and view them in the light THEY want to be seen in.

How have we all gotten to detached from one another that we may go years without knowing a person’s true character? If I’ve learned anything from this, I would urge all of you to sit your friends down in person, ask them how they really are and what’s going on in their lives, and actually listen. You never know who is silently praying for someone to step up and ask.


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