Wednesday Wisdom: My Foam Roller is My BFF

My foam roller is my BFF as well. We get into some pretty heated spats but we always end up hugging it out in the end.

Mountain Maven

Hey everyone!  I can’t believe it’s day 7 of the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak!  I started off pretty strong in milage, but quickly realized that I probably was not prepared for this challenge.  Going from a running schedule of 3 runs per week, most of which were 3-5 miles each, to running every day without a break was harder than I thought.  I’ve been having a nagging pain in the muscles on the back of my left knee, so I’ve recently been taking more running breaks than usual.  After my 6 miler on Saturday, I was so tired and in so much pain that I really thought about giving up.  Not only did the muscles on the back of my knees hurt, but my left hip started hurting too and it became difficult to walk.  At that point I realized that I can’t really do this challenge the way…

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