A Pep Talk – By CJ Boyle

All week I’ve been back and forth between panicking over tomorrow’s marathon, and being so excited, I could hardly sit still. I’ve learned from previous races that when I’m faced with these dueling emotions, it doesn’t bode well for my body (cue last night’s stomach issues that have continued into today).

My friend CJ is no stranger to these emotions and having to overcome struggles, and I knew if anyone was going to keep me even keel, it would be him. Earlier this week, I asked CJ for his best ‘win one for the gipper’ speech to help calm my nerves. I waited to read it until this morning, and boy am I glad I did. Despite feeling physically terrible, mentally I’m finally at peace. 

Stephanie’s Pep Talk (A one act play) By CJ Boyle

… Enter scene …as Stephanie prepares for her latest marathon a figure approaches in neon yellow asics (because yeah that is just awesome) it’s her good friend CJ and he begins to speak as he paces like a coach in one of those motivational movie scenes…

CJ – “it is just a run…. You have done this before… And this sure as hell won’t be the last time that you run this distance. You are a runner. And you are trained to do nothing but run the best race that you can. It does not matter how fast you go. Others will run faster. Just as you will run faster than others. But you will run your race, because you are a runner and nothing can stop you.”

…. All of a sudden a slow clap starts off in the distance and CJ picks up the intensity in his voice…

CJ – “just keep running. Just like dory and marlin keep looking for nemo. You need to just keep moving. Keep moving forward no matter how fast you are going it doesn’t matter because you know in your heart that you will taste the sweet sweet glory that is crossing the finish line. You know there is nothing that can stop you. You know that there are people that believe in you from your husband, to your friends, and your family. That kind of faith and support should give you the power to move mountains. Just keep running”

…the clapping is getting louder and faster and intensity of speech is at a fever pitch…

CJ- “just keep running. Running is your passion and it is something that truly is fun for you. It is a release. It is freeing. So when you are on that start line before you take that first step remember to go as far as you can, and then take another step. Keep taking those steps until you see the finish. And at the end of it all it’s just a run. Running Cures Everything!

….end scene

CJ, words can’t express what your friendship means to me. I’m honored and humbled by your straight forward, honest approach to life and how gracefully you take on the challenges that come with it. You push me to be a better person, a better runner and a better friend every day. You’ll be in my thoughts as I push through each and every step.


4 thoughts on “A Pep Talk – By CJ Boyle

  1. Ok…although I was pretty tired after a running trip so had to take it easy 🙂 I made friends with another girl early on and just made sure I kept up with her for the whole race! How did you do? Will there be a race report? 🙂

    1. Sounds like a pretty good race to me! 🙂 Mine went very well, and yes, there will be a race report once I find a free second in my schedule. Work has me SWAMPED! 😦

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