4 Days to Richmond


With only 2 1 short taper runs left, the reality that the Richmond Marathon is knocking at the door is hitting hard. Hydration, carb loading, food salting and serious foam rolling are in full effect and I’m doing everything I can to mentally prepare myself for the weekend.

The weather forecast for the morning went from being too cold to almost too warm (which I fully blame on my constant complaints over the last 10 days). The race looks to start out around 52 degrees and finish in the 60s. I’ll need to focus hard on staying hydrated throughout the race as my body doesn’t always agree with long distances and 60 degree weather. 

Last night I purchased a new  pair of running shorts and a pair of arm sleeves from Lululemon. I’ve never entertained the idea of purchasing running clothes from there, but I’m sure happy I finally ventured in. I’ve always had a difficult time finding running shorts that fit right around the waist, without being too baggy and flowing in the butt. These shorts are PERFECT and hit in all the right places (picture to come later). At some point I’ll make my way to Walmart for a cheap sweatshirts to throw on in the early morning, that I won’t feel guilty about ditching on the site of the road 5 miles in.

Had a solid 3 mile run, finished off by a 1/4 mile walk, at lunch today. I wasn’t feeling a run but I’m glad I forced myself out the door. I returned from my run at approximately 12:45 p.m. The sun was shining, the temps were in the 60s and there was a light breeze. Fast forward to now, 3:40 p.m., the temps have plummeted 10+ degrees, the winds are howling and there’s no sign of that bright warm sun that shared the run with me. That’s fall in the South for ya.

Stomach hasn’t felt all that great since lunch, so I hope to join the ladies for dinner tonight and to squash more of these pre-race jitters, but I’m not going to push it.

What was the weather like for your run today?

4 thoughts on “4 Days to Richmond

  1. No run today, but I have a morning off and a cold front coming in tomorrow! EXCITED! Also, your post ignited a desire to buy new running clothes and breaking them in for my upcoming race. Thanks for that!

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