Wednesday Wisdom: How to Run A Race?

So many of these quirks are my own as well. What quirks do you have before/during/after a race?

Mountain Maven

So I’ve officially been running shorter races for over a year, and lately I’ve noticed that I have certain “rituals” and strange things that I always do before, during, and after my races. I think that runners (and all athletes in general) are pretty serious about not messing up their routines, so I’m wondering if anyone else does this weird race stuff too?

Before a Race:

-I always wear mascara to a race, and no other makeup. I don’t think I can leave my house without mascara on, and I’m not even a hardcore makeup kind of girl!

-I always eat cinnamon oatmeal 2 hours before the start, and drink a glass of water. No other flavor will do.

-I try to get to every race an hour early, even if it’s cold. Then after packet pickup I sit in my warm car and do mindless Facebook and twitter browsing…

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