Unprepared, Terrified, Little Duck

I know I’ve touched on this a few times in the last two months but now that the marathon is 11 days away, I’m really starting to feel the stress of being under-trained and under-prepared. 

I KNOW I can do it. The fact that I’m running 4:1 intervals certainly helps as well. But mentally, I’M A WRECK! The longest run I’ve done in a month was 15, and that was only 1 time. I’ve done a handful of 7+ mile runs in the last few weeks, and I went and hiked for 3 hours on Sunday but that basically took the place of my last long run. This weekend I’m taking my Special Olympic Athletes to State Games where I won’t be getting any running in either. I’m contemplating how feasible it is to come into work very early on Thursday and crank out 13-14 miles between 3:30PM and 6:00PM, when it’s dark.

I have already checked with the race and I’m unable to go down to the half marathon distance as it is sold out. My only other option would be to race the 8K, which for me, is not an option.



5 thoughts on “Unprepared, Terrified, Little Duck

  1. You do KNOW you can do it! I KNOW you can do it! Just go out there to have fun. Do not put any pressure or stress on yourself. This is going to be a HUGE race, with so much support, so many great sites, and so many things to look at and enjoy. You ran a 50k not that long ago…it may seem like a while, but trust me, that training carries over!

    Personally, I’m treating it as a several hour tour of one of my favorite cities! (Sounds better in my head than holy sh*t I’m running a marathon) It takes a bit of the stress off the whole 26.2 thing.

    1. As your other fabulous friend Steph pointed out, and I’m glad she did, you are by far the BEST motivator on the planet. So, “thank you for being a friend” 🙂

      I’ll be sure to hit you up again later this week when the freakout happens again haha!

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