Autumn in the South

This past weekend, the hubby and I decided to take an impromptu trip to the mountains in search of fall color. Neither of us had been to Asheville before so we were excited to explore the town and take in all the beauty that it had to offer.

We had planned to leave just after coaching Special Olympics, but Lilly had other plans. She had been a nightmare on Friday night, pouncing on heads, attacking hands and arms and attempting to rip apart the blanket. Around midnight we were so fed up with the non-stop attacks, she was put in her cage to sleep. Get ready because this next part is a bit graphic. Well, as her way of payback for this, she decided to poop (yes poop) all over her cage. As cats are normally very clean animals and not fond of sleeping in their own crap, she then proceeded to move all of it to the back of the cage and hide it under her blanket. So, the next morning when she was let out to come hop into bed for snuggle time, I noticed something on the top of her head. Upon further inspection, Kevin and I realized she was covered  IN HER OWN POOP!

We pounced into action taking her into the bathroom for her first bath. Let me tell you, she was NOT amused. There were noises that I’m convinced came from the devil himself screeching out of her little lungs. I can only imagine what the neighbors thought was going on at 8:15 in the morning. By the time we got her washed, cleaned, dried and had cleaned out her cage, we had missed SO practice entirely.

After the not-so-pleasant ordeal we were even more ready to get out of town for the day. The drive from Charlotte was easy and gave us our fill of all the fall color we were looking to find.



We arrived around 12:30 and had gotten recommendations for lunch and breweries to hit. We went to the LAB (Lexington Avenue Brewery) for lunch and our first round of beer tastings. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos to show you of it because we ate it all too fast. The beer was pretty good but nothing to write home about.

Next we wandered over to the Wicked Weed brewery. I choose the Tyranny Red and Kevin choose what I believe was one of their ambers. The overall feel of the place was interesting as the crowd was a bizarre mix of tourists , hippies and cougars. We sat at the only place left, smack dab in the middle of the community table. It had started to rain as we were walking over so outside seating wasn’t an option.


While sitting at the LAB, we decided that we really didn’t want to drive back to Charlotte. We opened our phones to every travel and hotel App we had and began searching for inexpensive hotels in the area. We were able to book a night for relatively cheap just a 10 minute cab ride outside downtown.

After checking into the hotel, we returned to downtown do begin our evening adventures. We had the cab driver drop us off at the Thirsty Monk which we were NOT a fan of. By the way everyone was staring, I was convinced I had forgotten to put pants on or had the largest bugger on record hanging out of my nose. We toured around the ground level and basement but quickly departed without a beer.

Our next stop was across the street to Jack In The Wood where I chose Greenman Brewing ESB, a rich carmel flavored amber and Kevin chose RJ Rocker’s First Snow, a winter-warmer style ale. We both enjoyed them and the far less awkward environment but realized we were ready for dinner.


We had gotten a recommendation from the Taxi driver and the bartender at Jack in the Wood for an authentic Japanese restaurant Heiwa Shokudo. It was extremely tiny and the service left much to be desired, but the food was fantastic. I had a yellowtail on yellowtail roll and Miso soup. It was by far some of the best yellowtail I’ve had on the east coast. Kevin, who doesn’t eat sushi, settled on the Chicken Katsu, which he too enjoyed. Many around us ordered the ramen noodle soup dishes, but knowing we were going to be walking around more and potentially drinking more, we didn’t want to deal with carrying leftovers.


Our final stop of the night, as my stomach wasn’t agreeing with me, was for dessert at a little place next to Tupulo Honey Cafe (which for the life of me I can’t remember the name of). This too was consumed far too quickly for photos.

The next morning we decided to hike Chimney Rock, but i’ll save that post for tomorrow so I can really give it my full attention!

We hope to return to Asheville in the next month to visit the Biltmore and see it dressed for Christmas (and obviously to try more breweries).

What’s your favorite place to visit in Asheville?


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