I’m Ultra excited..

And nervousScaredIntimidatedStressedFlustered… I think ya’ll see what I’m getting at.

This is it. The weekend I’ve been training for for months. Every long run, popped blister, agitated IT band, obscene amount of calories, has prepared me for the Hinson Lake 24 Hour Ultra.

Only, I don’t feel so prepared. The last two weeks of training have been non-existent. I’ve gotten in a handful of miles and my 4 mile run on Tuesday felt terrible.

There are so many ‘what ifs’ going through my mind, that I don’t know which are even rational anymore.

  • What if my legs give out 20 miles in?
  • What if I eat something that upsets my stomach and I’m unable to go on?
  • What if I tweak my IT Band?
  • What if I’m too cold?
  • What if I’m too hot?
  • What if my gal bladder decides to revolt?
  • What is no one enjoys my company and refuses to run with me?!
  • What if I have to poop?!

Humph. Alright, now that I’ve expressed my qualms on this weekend, I guess now I should hit on my goal:

  • 50 Miles in 12 hours

Yep, one goal. Realistically, ONE goal shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. I mean, I’m going to have all day to do so. Up to this point, I had planned to push straight through 50K before taking a true break. Now that its fast approaching, I’m thinking it’ll be more realistic to piece it out and focus on an hourly goal. If I’m going to run 50 miles in 12 hours, that’s approximately 4.1 miles per hour, or a 14:24 pace. That’s totally do-able. Okay, I could walk a 14:24 pace. Now, this doesn’t take into account any breaks I may take to eat, stretch, go to the bathroom, so I’m hoping I can build in a bit of a buffer over the first few hours to allow a good bit of wiggle room.

I should also mention I hope to run off more calories than I consume. Some of you may be laughing right now thinking ‘did the girl whose running 50 miles just worry about burning enough calories?’ Let me be clear. There will be soup, pizza, burgers, candy, chocolate, baked goods, beer, and that doesn’t take into account the amazing-ness I’m bringing in my own pack. I intent to take full advantage of all of it! I even heard mention of a quesadilla maker finding its way out there. Quesadillas ya’ll. While running.

Alright. Now that I’ve finally seen my goals, my fears and the reality of it all, maybe I’m not quite as nervous as I was prior to this post.

Maybe i’ll even get ballsy and post a short blog mid-race?! Yeah, probably not. BUT I will be live tweeting every few miles, so be sure to follow me at @runnergirlswags to confirm I am still alive.


3 thoughts on “I’m Ultra excited..

  1. Wow this is so exciting! The most I’ve done was 19 hours and I was exhausted! Best of luck 🙂 can’t wait to read your review

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