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Confessions of a Monogrammed Runner… Part Three

I think I’m eternally sore.  Seriously, I don’t honestly remember the last time I was completely pain-free.

As runners, we actually enjoy pain and choose to participate in an activity that causes physical discomfort. Regularly.

Most days I enjoy the pain. It’s a sign of real progress and confirmation that my training is paying off. Last night, however, between restless legs, extremely sore knees and an IT Band that kept seizing up, I was far from happy with the state of my body. To make matters worse, yesterday was a rest day!

While I’m extremely excited to be knocking two items off of my running bucket list, I’m really starting to question how realistic it was to sign up for a ultramarathon followed up almost immediately by my second full marathon. By the time November 16th come and goes I will have been training for 6 months straight. 6 MONTHS. And that’s after training 4 months for my first marathon in February with a smattering of 5K-half marathon distance races in the months between. On average over the last 6 months I’ve run no less than 14 miles every Saturday and somewhere between 10 and 14 miles during my three weekday runs. That’s a marathon plus every week. Sheesh, now that I see all of this in writing, no wonder my legs are revolting.

I know there are runners out there who train year round. Even runners who aren’t paid for their commitment. I’m gonna just get right to the point here; I don’t know how you do it.

Over the last 6 months I’ve faced injuries, emotional and mental meltdowns, loss of mojo, a loss of money, and a complete hatred for running. I think my body is trying to tell me it’s time for a break.

Next year (aside from what will hopefully be my first experience with the Blue Ridge Relay) I will not be racing in anything over a half marathon distance. I need to increase my speed, work on strength training and let my body recover. This continual training is doing more harm than good.

I’m looking to all of you to keep me honest next year, readers. Hand slaps are acceptable.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Monogrammed Runner… Part Three

  1. Just sounds like you need a good break. I’ve taken a whole month off each of the past two years to let my body and mind to relax and recover. A lot of runners hate the idea of taking a break but I think it’s really needed. You don’t lose all of your fitness, getting back in shape just takes a few weeks, and you come back stronger and better

  2. It sounds like you might need to take a couple of days off and give your body a rest. Your body will thank you for it and two days won’t impact your training very much. Perhaps try some cross training like cycling or swimming instead?

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