Photo Explosion and Mid-Race Snacks

Alright, I promised last week I’d have a major picture download, but failed to do so in the madness of everything. So here it is!

Hayley and I post-race!
Finisher’s medal for the Patrick Henry Half Marathon in Ashland, VA.
Celebrating the start of the college football season. Seen here: Boiled shrimp, home made light spinach and artichoke dip and home made whole wheat pita chips.
BBQ with the palls for Labor Day.
Lilly loves looking out the window at the bunnies and bugs.

Whew. Okay, now that we’ve gotten through that, I’ll transition into my next topic – mid-race snacks.

My Ultra is only 23 days away (!) and I was wondering what your food of choice is for those long runs or even during an ultra? Saturday will be my longest training run before Hinson and after completing mile 18, I’m taking a break to eat, coach Special Olympics and see how my legs respond to completing the final 8 miles after taking a time out (much like how i’ll make my way through my 50 miles at Hinson). This will be a great way to see where my weak point lie and what I need to work on in the next 3 weeks to be the most successful.

Any advice on snacks or any general advice?


One thought on “Photo Explosion and Mid-Race Snacks

  1. The clifbar energy bars are pretty good. Generally though I don’t like gels and things like that. For an ultra I’ll start with carbohydrate: clifbar energy bars, flap jacks, banana loaf, then I find I can only manage things like jelly beans, dried fruit. Towards the end it’s hard to stomach anything else. On an ultra you need to be taking in protein after a while as well as carbs. Some ultra runners like bacon sandwiches for the salt and protein and carbs but they get all squished. Nuts are great and easy to digest. I also get cravings for apple juice about 6 hours in so I take a small bottle with me. Good luck!

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