29 Days until Hinson Lake

Well, the weeks are coming to a close very quickly and my 24 hour Ultramarathon is almost here! My recent training runs have felt great and I’m even more excited that I only have a single ‘long’ run left (26) next weekend before it’s taper time! Tapering is my favorite part about training, no lie.

Map of the Lake

I’ve been reading up on the race as much as possible to prepare myself physically and mentally. The more I hear, the more excited I get! Apparently, there’s a portion of the loop that has a slight incline. Runners have lovingly named it Mount Hinson. Knowing my IT Bands and how much they hate running on all flat, I know they will be ecstatic to reach Mt. Hinson each loop to get some stretch. 

I’ll admit, I’ve certainly had moments of sheer terror thinking “why in God’s name did I think I could run an Ultra?!” but then I remember how low key, low pressure this event is and how much I’ve actually trained for this, and the terror subsides.

How can you NOT be excited about looking at this scenery for 24 hours?
Simple, perfect, beauty

My husband is excited to be out in nature and getting an opportunity to do some fishing. Little does he know that he will also be RUNNING with me. 

How did you feel before your first Ultra?


5 thoughts on “29 Days until Hinson Lake

  1. Those photos look amazing, I wish I could step into them and start running (if that makes sense). You must be so excited; I know I always am before each event. The feeling never goes away 🙂 what better way is there of exploring a new place than running with like minded people?

  2. Excited to see you at Hinson!! We’ll have to convince Tom and Lo to come next year. You’re going to love it.

    Here’s my report from last year if you’re interested. It’s pretty short (and some pic links are broken)…but re-reading it made me super excited to re-live it. Two weeks!!

    Oh, and the aid station is well stocked but bring a few jugs of water because the water there tastes like metal. It was pretty warm last year so you don’t anything to make you not want to drink.

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