Whine-worthy Wednesday and Knowing When to Say No

I knew about 30 minutes into my day this morning that I should NOT have gotten out of bed.


Everything started out great. I sat downstairs drinking my coffee, watching the news and incorporating some arm weight training and wall sits per my usual morning routine. Unfortunately, I was a little too comfortable with the sitting-on-my-butt portion of the routine and lost track of time. By 8 a.m. I was rushing around the house trying to get ready for work in record timing, and actually doing a solid job until I paused to brush my teeth. I was listening to music on my iPhone and had it sitting on my vanity, as I do most mornings. Only today, miss Lilly decided she was big enough to jump up onto it and as she did, proceeded to fling my phone into the sink under the heavily running water.


In a split second I managed to scream and grabthephonefromthewaterwhilerippingoffthecaseandsprintingdownstairsforsomerice. Fortunately the case did it’s job and kept most of the water out. The only issue I seemed to have was with the volume button on the side which would randomly turn all the way down without being touched.

Needless to say, any hope I had of being on time to work had vanished. By this point, I was so late I didn’t have a chance to fix my breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack (yes, I eat afternoon snacks, and yes, you bet your ass if I could take a nap, I would). I finally drug myself into my car and proceeded down the road. For whatever reason, it was everyone’s mission to try and hit me, because, let’s be real, why wouldn’t they after the morning’s events?

I brought my cup of rice to work with me, hoping that by letting the phone sit in it for a few hours, the water would dissipate. Lo and behold, it actually worked! As the day has progressed on, things have gotten much better. Be gentle hump day, we still have a lot of hours together.

Last night I was scheduled to run my Tuesday track workout. When I got home from work, fixed some dinner and plopped down on the couch, it was apparent I had zero desire to run. I had decided a few weeks ago during my tumultuous loss of running mojo, that I was going to take these days as they were and agree to skip a workout every once and a while to (insert activity here). Last night’s activity of choice was catching up on the late Shark Week episode that had aired on Monday night and prepare for the next new show. I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about missing the run (but did resist eating my Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich as punishment) and knew it was my body’s way of saying ‘it’s cool, take the night off.’

I think as runners who are constantly training for something, it’s important to remember that cheat days are okay every once and a while. You’re not going to loose the last 10 weeks+ of training by taking a day off or moving things around. Sometimes, having a mental health and leg health day is just as productive.

What’s your mentality on taking cheat days?


5 thoughts on “Whine-worthy Wednesday and Knowing When to Say No

  1. How do I feel about cheat days?

    1) Sometimes I’m being lazy, but on the days that I really, really, really just DO NOT want to run, there’s almost always a reason, and my body/mind is telling me to take a break. On those days, I listen.
    2) YOLO…sometimes things come along that you don’t want to miss out on…and, yes, this CAN include a favorite TV show…I’m for those cheats as well
    3) I either get something fried or ice cream on the weekends (sometimes during the week, but I go CRAZIER on the weekend…fried chicken and ice cream is totally long run fuel! 😉 ). Does that count?


  2. Honestly, sometimes I’d rather just take the day off and own my laziness than force myself to go run and hate every second. Especially when I’ve lost my mojo, making yourself do it is only going to make it worse, and send that mojo farther and farther away. I was there during the winter, forced myself to run anyways and pretty much hated life and wondered why I ever ran in the first place.
    It’s definitely okay to have ‘one of those days’ and you’re totally right, you won’t lose 10+weeks of training because you decided to be lazy for a day. I think this is where sometimes those ‘get off your ass’ motivational memes can be a bit negative because you end up feeling guilty about, well, being a human being.
    I say, screw that, put on your pjs, and just like your phone, immerse yourself in some good old fashioned R.I.C.E 🙂

  3. Cheat days are all about the food for me! Generally I try to watch what I eat and aim to be pretty healthy but when I have the day off I like to really go for it! Chocolate, cake, crisps. Whatever I fancy with no guilt. Yum.

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