A Dreary Track Tuesday and Lilly Update

It’s Tuesday and we all know what that means, my return to the track for a speed workout.


This evening’s workout will consist of…

  • Warm up – 2ish miles
  • Run 12 X 400 meters at your 5k pace with 200 jogs between. The key here is the short rest. You must balance a pace that allow you to continue jogging the rest and still be able to maintain consistent 400 splits. This is a very nice test of strength and something that I used back at both Georgetown and Kansas to prepare to run as close to a 14 minute 5k as possible.
  • Cool Down – 2-3 minutes / stretch

This will be a particularly challenging workout as I’m not entirely sure my legs have recovered from this weekend’s 22. In addition to tired legs, it will likely be raining. 

Now, I’m one of those runners who loves to run in the rain but running seemingly never ending circles around a track in said rain is NOT my idea of fun. It sounds more like cruel and unusual punishment.

Only 18 more days until the Patrick Henry Half and my hopefully epic PR! I cannot wait for a little vacation from Charlotte and an opportunity to run in a new beautiful setting. 

I need work work on planning ahead and purchasing my long run fuel in bulk.. otherwise the hubby and my trips to the running store end up looking like this…


And finally, the exciting part you’ve all been waiting for, new pictures of the now huge, Lilly!

She prefers when I work from home so she can have her snuggle time.
Playing ‘Paws’
Lilly patiently waiting for Shark Week to begin.



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