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Race Registrations and Celebrity Interactions

Last night’s track workout went exceptionally well. Based on the workout I was planning to do, I should have been running my 200s at just barely sub 9 (it was a half marathon PR specific workout) but upon getting out there, it just felt WAY too slow. My 12x200m wound up being at 7:17 with 12x200m cool down falling into a 9:00. The rare times when your body wants to go fast, it’s important not to fight it.

On Monday I registered for my 5th half marathon. As previously mentioned, I’m extremely excited to race in the hubby’s hometown of Ashland, VA for the Sportsbacker’s Patrick Henry Half. The next 5 weeks i’ll be focusing on tempo and speed in addition to keeping up on my ultramarathon training program. By the time it rolls around, 13.1 should feel like a 5K.

In an ultimate ‘you know you’re a runner when..’ moment this morning, I squealed out loud when I opened Instagram and discovered Alysia Montano had liked one of my running pictures from over the weekend.


For those of you scratching your head saying, ‘whose she?’ Alysia, aka the flying flower, is a 5-time USA Champion in the 800m race and the #1 800m runner in the country! She placed 5th in the Olympics last year and just this year set the American Indoor Record in the 600m with a time of 1:23:59. Can you even imagine running that fast?! Alysia also runs for Asics, I wear Asics, therefore we’re already best friends. Alright, maybe not best friends, but I certainly do find her accomplishments humbling and inspiring! To find out more about her, check out her blog and website!

NoDa Run Club tonight with the hubs, Hayley, AND her boyfriend. This is the first time he’s run publicly in quite sometime, so documentation will commence immediately upon arriving.

Fellow runners, do you get just as star struck by running ‘celebrities’ as I do? Whose the craziest one you’ve met/interacted with?


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