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We’re Never Alone in Our Struggles

As much as I hate to see my friends struggling through challenges, it gives me a sense of contentment knowing that I’m not the only one going through a lull. I used to love running. I had runs scheduled weeks in advance and had no problems getting out of bed at any hour of the morning to meet friends or just enjoy the quiet. These days, I can’t convince myself to get out of bed for any reason, let alone to lace up the running shoes and crank out the miles.

I don’t know if its the weather, or the fact that it’s summer and my brain still has this mentality that I’m supposed to relax during the summer months and take full advantage of any downtime I can manage. But this has been by far one of the worst training periods I’ve had. Ever. I don’t think I’ve completed a full week of training runs since week one. I keep finding weak excuses to skip at least 1 of them, particularly the Sunday easy runs post-long run Saturday. The further I get into Ultra training, the more apparent it is that my goal of 50K may not be feasible. This weekend’s long run calls for 20 miles. I haven’t run more than 15 in the last 6 weeks and those 15 were BRUTAL. We’re going to give the 20 a go and see how it plays out. My legs are certainly ready for the challenge, I’m just not sure my heart’s in it. Hang in there ladies, we’ll get through this together!

In more exciting news, Hayley alerted me of a race that Kevin and I obviously should have been running for the last 3 years. The Patrick Henry Half Marathon takes place in Ashland, VA where the hubby was born, raised and attended undergrad. The course runs directly past some of his family member’s homes and even past the in-laws. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the finish comes out on the beautiful campus of Randolph Macon College! Needless to say, I’m stoked to show VA how we Charlotte runners dominate half marathons. I’m shooting for a MAJOR PR at the race. We’re talking 5 minutes+ from my last half. Two-a-days start next week with moderate runs Tuesday mornings and track speed training in the evenings. I’m tired just thinking about it..

In other news, I died a little yesterday. One of the celebrities on my ‘list’, has gone off and gotten engaged (sorry hubby).

Adam Levine, while I know I could never live up to the beauty of your new Victoria Secret model fiance, I cook well, can sing and actually enjoy doing laundry. So if things don’t work out, give me a call. I’ll even overlook your little USA comment if you sing to me, daily.

Anyone else out there running the Patrick Henry Half, August 24th? 


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