Hair today, gone tomorrow

I have a habit of getting antsy from monotony. When things become stale or too routine I become ornery and usually wind up doing something drastic. As some of you know, I’m not a huge fan of my career path at this time in my life. But I’m taking every step necessary to learn from my current situation and to enjoy the little things instead of always focusing on what I don’t enjoy. As a way to combat the negative side of things going on in my life, I’ve found myself in search of something exciting to expel my antsy tendencies. So, last night when I went to get a routine haircut, I chopped nearly 10 inches off (just under what I needed to donate it). It’s about an inch shorter than I had wanted, but my hair grows like an absolute weed so It’ll be at its happy place soon enough. The outcome?

I even put on makeup for the taking of this ceremonious picture! First time in many many days.

I wanted to issue a special shout-out to Hayley for not only surviving her first FlyWheel class, but DOMINATING it! She even beat my total power (246 to 251)! Check out her review of the evening.. and the ‘morning after.’

For those of you who follow both my blog and Hayley’s blog, this may be a little redundant. Fortunately, my thoughts and answers to, Shut Up + Run’s: “20 Things No One Tells You About Running” will differ. So that means you should read both (and obviously the original article so you know what the heck we’re responding to).

1.  I love yellow and light-colored nail polish. Alas, my feet have not seen a color outside of red, dark pink, bright pink and orange in probably 10 years. 3 of my ten toes are permanently discolored and flat out nasty. 

2.  People not only like to tell you how much they hate running but how they have no idea how in the world one could actually enjoy something like that.

3.  I have friends of all shapes and sizes who run further distances than I do! It’s just as much mental toughness and personal determination as it is physical attributes, that allow someone to be a runner.

4.  I’d stop running if I didn’t crosstrain. I’d become way too bored.

5. Truth. I find it difficult to relate to those my age who don’t run because my excuse of “sorry, I can’t go out on Friday, I have to be up for training at 4:30AM” often warrants a look of ‘uh, what?!’

6. I don’t think I ever have considered not running again. Even my first marathon that was flat.out.awful by the next day, I was ready to sign up for my next marathon out of an unbridled desire for redemption.

7. I’m going through that right now. I’m hoping tomorrow’s 18 will help get me out of this funk.

8.  See above.

9. When I’m in the peak of training, I always gain weight. You can probably guess that one has to consume an extreme amount of calories, protein and carbohydrates to be able to run 15+ miles for 6-7 Saturdays in a row after running nearly 20 miles earlier in the week.

10.  Been close to a big issue, but it hasn’t occurred… yet

11.  I’m not a %&^#*#@ jogger! I stand at stop lights and look pissed, or dart across and pray for my life.

12.  And if you’re me, you get flustered and complain to your running buddy about how rude said person was.

13.  As I said, I’ve gotten close, but the cosmos just haven’t alligned.. yet

14. See my credit cards and my monthly line item for running ‘stuff’

15. Ha! Truth.

16. Two words: Scent beads.

17.  I’m fast when it comes to 5Ks and 10Ks. Anything further I’m an average runner with a lot of determination.

18.  We’re training in nature. Farts are fair game.

19.  See Answer 3.

20. The first 15 miles of my first marathon were amazing. The last 16, were not. And I have never been happier to see a finish line in my life. I didn’t cry, but I cried during the marathon, so I think that still counts. My parents will be there for my next marathon, so I’m confident there were be many tears shed.

Which of the 20 statements do you relate to the most?


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