Terrible, no-good, very bad, run

Today’s run was awful.

I credit the fact that I even survived it to Sharon’s always lovely company and her repeating that it was okay, we were still moving and working out regardless of how many times we rocked out a run/walk combo.

So what was the big problem? My calves were tight. Really, really tight. Not tight like ‘oh, I didn’t stretch correctly and if I can find an incline, I’ll get these puppies back into their rightful, happy, state.’ No, they were so painful and spasming so badly, I wanted to throw up. I haven’t run in a few days (due to being on my honeymoon), so there’s NO reason I should be having issues like this.

I realized that my probably was probably with my shoes. I think the last time I purchased a pair of shoes was January. Really? January? That’s a lot of miles for one pair of shoes considering I ran a marathon in February and have gotten well into my Ultra training since then.

Lucky for me, I still had some time on my lunch break before I needed to get back into the office, and my always dependable TrySports was just two storefronts away. I decided to try on a different brand they suggested could work just as well as my Asics GT 2000, the Brooks Ravenna 4. I immediately hated them. I don’t know if it was the extra weight (9.8 vs 9.2), the arch support (Medium-high vs Medium) or just the general design of the shoe but it felt alien on my feet. Now, this all could have been more dramatic than necessary because my feet were painfully swollen from said miserable 4-miler, but, I think it’s safe to say Asics are my solemates (ZING!)

The only pair they had at this particular location was a white colored shoe. I hate white shoes. They are only pretty and white for about 2 minutes until I’ve found the only pile of mud to run through on the entire route – no, region. And BOOM, vomit colored (and I promise that was my last vomit reference). So the girl called into the SouthPark location as the computer showed they had the black colored version in-stock. As she was on the phone, they were sold. Figures. So she called Wilmington and offered to have them shipped to either store free of charge. They were sold out too (Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!) Now, normally I would choose to support my local running store over a box-store (Dicks, Road Runners, etc) but I really need these shoes before my 15 mile long run on Saturday. So, alas, upon returning to the office, I set out to purchase them from RunningWarehouse.com (don’t worry, I purchase nearly everything else from local stores).

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this website in blog posts before, but it ROCKS. Not only is pretty much everything discounted but it’s free 2-day shipping because they obviously know we runners have zero patience, and we get an additional discount through Charlotte Running Club (which I happen to be the VP of).

Anyway, now I face a bigger challenge… what color do I get? I have a choice between my currently owned black with blue/pink, all black, orange with blue/white/black or purple with pink/green. The purple are too girly and are in all likelihood out of the running. The orange look awesome but I’m not sure how well it would go with the rest of my running clothes.. Likely, I’ll be boring and go with the all black to be safe with my need for matchy-matchy.

Anyone else out there as picky as I am about matching running clothing/shoes?


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