A TMI Tummy Story

Hayley and I had a great run this morning. You know, aside from the nearly unbearable humidity we swam through. During said run, we passed a girl whose abs would have put a 300 cast member to shame, and got to talking about our own tummies.

I was blessed and cursed when my parents created me. I’m blessed with a flat stomach no matter what I eat or how much I weigh. I was not, however, blessed with being able to build abdominal muscles that can be seen… until recently. I think I mentioned before that part of my 50K training required me to incorporate some core work. So I ventured to Pinterest to find a workout that would be challenging but wouldn’t kill me having to complete it post-runs, and I was able to find one!


I’ve been completing the workout above.. somewhat regularly for the last 15 days (I missed a couple days last week). BUT I’ve finally been able to see some actual definition in my tummy! I’ve noticed a definite difference in how I hold myself running as well. While my shoulders still slouch more than I would like them to (back and shoulder workout begins when I’m done with the 30 days of abs) but I just stand and run a but straighter overall.

Now, I am being realistic here. Do I think I’m going to have the abs of someone who doesn’t think french fries are totally a food group on their own and who doesn’t have some sort of dessert EVERY meal day? No. But I’m confident that I can tone up to a point where I don’t have to feel bad for taking my shirt off during nearly every summer run.

In addition, and as we progress into the TMI portion of this post, I feel like I’m more regular when I’m doing core workouts. I speak from my own experiences (as well as fellow runner stories), and know it can sometimes be difficult to stay regular when you’re eating so many carbs and a high volume of protein in order to be able to function on those long runs and back to back workouts. I’m usually pretty good about incorporating fruit and veggies into meals every day, but sometimes the natural fiber that those foods supply me with simply isn’t enough. For those of you who are lucky enough not to have this issue, let me tell you it is MISERABLE to run when nature hasn’t called. I’ve tried pills, bars, yogurts – you name it. But they all either screw up other bodily systems or make me straight up gassy. So aside from chugging copious amounts of coffee and staying consistent in my core workouts, nothing really works!

What tricks do you have/use to get that tummy in shape, inside and out?


2 thoughts on “A TMI Tummy Story

  1. I am right there with you lady! Most of the time I can get things going if I eat something small about an hour before I run, but if that doesn’t work, I better know where a bathroom is! I think the heat also plays a role. I never really have the #2 problem during the cooler months. And girl, I say go shirtless! It is too freakin hot! I don’t have a 6 pack and sometimes feel self conscious, but you know what, when I’m sweating my booty off I could care less, haha!

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