50K Training Update.. in pictures!

I’ve failed to keep you all up with my 50K training updates outside of my general training ‘burn’ widget. So today, I’m going to give a little bit of an update on the last week with some photos. Get excited.

The 3rd week of 50K training is about to begin. I’ve done quite well staying on pace with the program, outside of Sunday workouts. Sundays are tough for me to commit to even an easy hour of activity. Between cleaning, laundry, church, grocery shopping and preparing myself for the work week, I always have a tough time convincing myself to lace up my shoes and get out the door. Plus, it’s my only day to sleep in past 8 a.m. and what runner doesn’t take advantage of the opportunity to sleep in?

I’m enjoying not being tied down to mileage each day. The idea of having specific workouts (hills, intervals, etc) and timed runs makes things more interesting. I had a difficult time following Hal Higdon’s intermediate marathon plan because it was so redundant and monotonous; rest, short distance, moderate distance, short distance, rest, long run, long run. Wash, rinse, repeat. There’s something challenging about seeing how many miles you can get in in a given time frame. Plus it all really differs each day, depending on how you feel, how your legs feel and even the company! I’m also a fan of the cross training days. Nothing better than getting physical to some 90s grunge! 


Smells like teen spirit!… and sweat! –Flywheel 90s grunge themed class last week with Matt Yost

This weekend’s long run went well. 7 of us took to the greenway to get in anywhere from 10-13 miles. Due to some major peer pressure, everyone ended up completing 12+miles. Personally, I did 13 to make up for the lack of 13 I knew I would be completing in Charleston this weekend. As I discussed in a previous post, I love to run in new places but trying to get a half marathon worth of training in within a city I’ve never visited before (aside from the fact that the hubby would be less than thrilled if I were to disappear for 2 hours during our honeymoon…) isn’t an easy feat.


The gang post-run and pre-Starbucks adventure (minus Karen)

There were many celebrations to be had this weekend. Thursday was the hubby and my 3 year anniversary of dating. We decided this was the last ‘dating’ anniversary we were going to celebrate and would transition into those fun marriage anniversaries from this point forward. Let’s be honest, I’ll take any excuse to celebrate and receive gifts enjoy his company. Friday night we decided on dinner and a movie. I unfortunately became ill from dinner, so I went home and to bed and sent him on his marry way with one of his buddies to go see World War Z. I did, however, make sure to snap a quick picture before diving into bed and passing out the rest of the night.


The final celebration of the weekend occurred on Saturday night as a small group of us met up for dinner to enjoy more food (duh) and to bid au revoir to Jill before she heads off to travel over the next month.


It’s always strange seeing everyone fully dressed and not sweating

What food and shopping recommendations do you have for me for this weekend’s trip to Charleston?

What’s your training plan of choice?


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