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Greenway Etiquette

WARNING: This is a little bit of a rant…

When out running, I feel it is important to always say hello or at least acknowledge your fellow runners. It doesn’t matter whether I’m on mile 1 or 21, I always have enough energy to nod or throw a little wave at the people passing. Apparently, those who run on the greenway during the day, specifically lunch time, don’t feel this to be true. I passed 50 people (ish) on my 7.5 mile run and each one I smiled, nodded or waved to in an attempt to be friendly. 45 of said people looked at me like I was soliciting them for drugs or sexual favors, staring me down or looking the opposite direction as they quickly passed. Only a measly 5 people actually acknowledged my greeting. Life is short people, don’t be so stuck up on that high horse of yours to ignore a friendly greeting. The 109 lb bony woman is not going to attack you unless you have chocolate. 

Which begs the question, do you have a pet peeve in regards to running etiquette?

I had an amazing workout on Saturday while visiting Virginia with the hubby. He took me out to his high school track to run some laps and after 3.1 miles we decided to take things off road and head out onto the trails (mainly because I couldn’t run in a circle even one more time without vomiting). The trails in the Virginia parks are pretty technical and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed them. We ran to an outdoor amphitheater in the park and ran into one of his high school football coaches who was doing stair repeats. He’d run down the massive staircase, use the side of the stage for tricep dips, run back up and crank out a set of push-ups. Kevin I suggested we stick with the stair run and pass on the rest of the reps. I couldn’t believe how much running up the stairs stretched out my IT Bands, and in a good way! Our mile or two run back to the track where we were parked felt unbelievable. With that being said, I’m looking to hopefully incorporate some stairs into my workouts once a week or every other week. Maybe that will prevent the nasty little flare-up I seem to have at the most inconvenient times.

A couple pictures of the hubby and I from this weekend’s wedding and travel shenanigans.


Waiting for Lisa and Nick’s wedding to begin.


Enjoying a night out in Richmond with the Chris and Charlie

Lilly Update: It’s unbelievable how much my little Lilly has grown since we brought her home a month ago. I could swear her tail grew overnight last week. It was difficult leaving her at home when we traveled out to Richmond but I’m grateful for friends who kindly offered to check in on her and stop by for play dates! She’s almost big enough to be spayed (2 lbs requirement) so here’s hoping we are able to get that taken care of next month. She’s calmed down a little bit, but her kitten desire to eat my fingers and toes hasn’t gotten much better regardless of what I do. Keep on, keepin’ on.


The “Who, me?” look.


She seems to have the happiest naps – she’s always smiling.

I’ve been slacking on my posts the last few days so stay tuned this afternoon for a post about running safety, so stay tuned!


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