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Friday distractions make for Monday satisfactions

Okay, so I’m not really sure what the blog title means today but it sounds cool so I’m going with it.

I had promised last week that I was going to post about my tuna creation recipe but mid-post I became distracted by…wait for it… actually being productive at work. So the first part of this post was meant to be shared with all of you Friday and the remainder are the few thoughts I had today. Really, you should be excited because it’s like a two-for. 

As I’m relatively new to blogging, I was unaware so many ‘themed’ days took place. Apparently Friday’s theme revolves around something I’m very knowledgeable about, FOOD! So with that being said, I’m going to share with you the recipe I adapted from my childhood and turned into an epic post-workout meal.

A few things to report before we go into my recipe for the day:

My Garmin that I thought had left it’s earthly place for a bigger better life in Garmin heaven, has come back to life! I really need a new pair of running shoes so a $400 Garmin was not a purchase I was ready to accept. HA. Yeah. who am I kidding? I was silently praying George was dead so I could get one of those new fancy 610s. But shhhhh George doesn’t need to know that.

An update: George was a happy Garmin and charged right up when I put in on the charger. Unfortunately, I just tried to turn him on and he is indeed dead 😦 *sobs*


Anyway, so I call this creation Tuna Noodle Salad


1 Box of tri-colored rotini pasta

1 Can of all-white chunk tuna, in water

2 cloves of garlic

1 Sweet white onion

1 Can of sweet peas (no additives)

Red pepper flakes

Zesty Italian salad dressing (or whatever your Italian dressing of choice is)


Cook your rotini pasta to your preferred level. Halfway through cooking, place a pressed clove of garlic in the water and continue cooking. Drain and rise, removing the clove of garlic and setting it aside.

Dice up your onion and remaining clove of garlic and put into a large bowl.

Drain tuna and peas and place them with the onion and garlic in large bowl.

Mix in pasta and all above ingredients together with approximately 4 tablespoons of Zesty Italian dressing and red pepper flakes to reach your desired heat level.

Cover and refrigerate for an hour.

Make sure to stir thoroughly again before serving. Add additional dressing to taste.

This was a great running weekend. While the weather barely cooperated, there were lots of exciting happenings.

Friday was the NoDa 5K benefiting Be Strong, Stay Strong. Nicole and Michael Gross even attended the event and spoke just before we barreled across the start line. A few moments before starting, the Race Director casually mentioned that there was a major storm moving in behind us and to ‘run fast.’ Gee, thanks for the warning. The sun had, of course, come out to play just before the start of the race, making it almost unbearably hot. I immediately felt sick. I don’t walk during 5Ks that I’m racing. Like ever. But I had probably the strongest desire ever to walk up a couple of the hills during this race. I wasn’t happy about not having my Garmin and knowing what my pace looked like, because based on how I felt, I knew I wasn’t going to finish within the time I had wanted. After turning the final two corners and tackling the two hills they felt appropriate to put at the last half mile of the course, I powered across the finish line. My time wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated, 24:23. Not terrible, but not exactly the 22:00 I was looking for. The sky began to darken quickly, after I finished. I wandered around waiting for Scott, Jill and the hubby to finish for a few minutes before we all met up and hopped into the beer line. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen a storm as scary as the one that was making its way towards the 1000 of us standing outside post-race.

The sky was black with a purple hue to it. The building across from the post-party had a similarly colored facade and it completely blended into the sky. Kevin and I looked at each other as the first lightning darted its way across the sky and knew it was time to leave. The storm really looked like a wall cloud moving in across the city. It was apparent there were some pretty substantial updrafts by the cloud formation and I was convinced there had to be rotation somewhere. We got back to the car and within 5 minutes the sky had opened up into a torrential rainstorm.

The hubby, who by the way PR’d the 5K (!), and I made our way to dinner and then home to bed so I was able to have some sort of pleasant demeanor for Saturday morning’s long run.

The ladies and I made our way out to the Rea entrance of the Greenway for our weekly long run and even with the Greenway being flooded and impassable about a mile in, were able to crank out 10 miles.


It takes a long while for my body to get acclimated to the heat and humidity of the summer but I think things are finally progressing to their happy place. Which is great news considering I start 50K training tomorrow.

Alright, considering this is now the longest post in history, I leave you with one parting question:

Do you prefer running solo or with a group when training?


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