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I’m going to begin this blog post before lunch and probably apologize profusely afterwards. I have unfortunately entered into my early morning rungry state and I am desperate for something unrelated to my actual profession, to distract me.

Some of you may be scratching your heads asking “what in the world is rungry?” Well today is your lucky day because I’m gonna go ahead and educate you on this lovely Wednesday.

Run-gry. Adjective. Country of Origin: ‘MERICA! Being so hungry post early morning run, one turns into an absolute monster and chugs obscene amounts of ice cold water to prevent the eating of lunch too early. Also see: Runger.

“Stephanie is so Run-gry from this morning’s run she literally growled out loud at an ignorant e-mail that wasn’t all that ignorant.”

But seriously, this is a major issue at least 2-3 times a month. Typically, I only find this coming on after runs in the range of 10-20 miles. But for some reason the coffee, Cheerios and skim milk post 4.2 this morning didn’t cut it. I’ve literally found myself staring at the clock and praying time would speed up and hit 11:45AM. Now, most non-runners would say 11:45 is pretty early for lunch. To this I would respond with “YOU TRY GETTING UP AT 5 EFFING AM AND BURNING 500 CALORIES AND TELL ME YOU AREN’T READY FOR LUNCH AT 11:45?!” Ahem…

I am, however, excited about the little lunch I did pack today. Whole wheat sandwich with chicken lunch meat, sharp cheddar cheese and Italian dressing to top the whole thing off. In addition, I have a crazy amount of pretzels which I can safely say will find their way into the container of peanut butter sitting in my desk, a chocolate granola bar and for my 3:00PM snack? Cottage cheese!

Unfortunately, my brain has reached a point where I’m unable to come up with anymore off-hand remarks so I’m going to finish this up by wishing everyone a very happy NATIONAL RUNNERS DAY and post a picture from this morning’s said run, featuring the always lovely Hayley (her blog post for today is far less cynical than mine and features a puppy, so I’d recommend checking it out for a more positive spin on this exciting holiday.)



6 thoughts on “Rungry…

  1. Ha Rungry wait til you are pregnant my friend a bowl of cheerios (which I just had) will last me approx. 1 hour until feeding time again. 🙂 P.s have you ever mixed peaches with your cottage cheese? Its heavenly, just saying 😉 Love you!

    1. Oooo I have not tried that but I love peaches. Will have to pick some up next time I’m at the store! Haha I’m going to be a NIGHTMARE when pregnant. I’ll be rungry and pregry! Watch-out world!

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