15 Things To Keep Doing In Your 20s

A number of things I need to continue remembering as time passes.

Thought Catalog

1. Keep searching. At one point it will become evident that you will never have everything figured out. A key to strength, positivity, and staying interested in your life and others around you is a premise-level approach that you still have things to learn and that it’s worth your time to learn them. Keep placing value in discovery and curiosity. Keep taking opportunities to extend your intellect to places you hadn’t expected.

2. Keep changing your mind. There is something almost taboo about belief inconsistency. Politicians who flop on their beliefs are considered poor candidates for re-election. One feels like something of a failure when s/he’s forced to admit that they were wrong. But I think it’s better to continually refine your worldview rather than force your way through reality by ignoring everything that runs counter to how you view the world. Malleable beliefs keep you humble, open to learning…

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