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Compression Sleeves vs. Socks

I’ll admit it, I have an unfailing love for my 2XU Compression sleeves. I’ve had them for 2+ years and the fact that I can wear them multiple times in a week, wash them with the rest of my running clothes and never have to worry about ruining or stretching them out to the point-of-no-return, means they are a winner. They work wonders during runs and for recovery afterwards. Those runs where I forget to pack them or simply don’t care to force my leg into the still sweat material, I always notice my legs becoming fatigued earlier than usual.

However, and with all that being said, I’ve seen a lot of fellow bloggers and tweeps discussing their love for ZENZAH and ProCompression socks (not to mention there is a mondo sale on neon ProCompression socks right now and anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE obnoxiously bright running clothes/accessories.)

So my question to all of you:

Why do you prefer socks over sleeves (and vice-versa) and have you found one brand works better than another?


2 thoughts on “Compression Sleeves vs. Socks

  1. I only have experience with CEP; however I love them. Prior to the Cleveland Marathon last month I purchased them after trying them on at the Expo and decided to run with them. What ould normally be an amateur mistake turned out to be a good call. I love them and certainly felt the benefits after only the second run with them. I look forward to trying the sleeves next.

  2. Being a triathlete, I would rather have sleeves as I can put them on before the race, wearing them under my wet-suit, and not worrying about putting them on in T1.

    As a pure runner, I reckon the full socks would be better as they offer the ankle and foot compression/support.

    That being said, I have a pair of CEP Socks and love them (even if I can’t race with them).

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