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Ultramarathon Training

The time has come for me to begin my 24-hour Ultramarathon death training. Why in the world I though it would be fun to run for that long, and that far continues to run through my mind daily.  Fortunately, I have numerous friends racing with me, so at least my misery will not suffer alone.

The race I am referring to is Hinson Lake (Information can be found here The course is a 1.52 mile loop that circles a lake. The surface is a soft clay maintained trail through the woods including some wooden foot bridges. For those who run on any of the Greenways in South Charlotte, it’s basically just running loops on either of those, but with a fancy lake in the center. Sounds pretty, right? Hopefully the soft ground will be gentle on my always angry IT Bands.

Training for this type of race will be challenging for a number of reasons:

  1.  I’ve never run further than a marathon. So the idea of cranking out 50 miles is intimidating.
  2. The Ultra falls only 7 weeks before the Anthem Richmond Marathon that I’m also running this fall. So I’ll have to navigate my way through cutting down and adjusting whatever marathon training program I decide to tackle, in order to take a break after the Ultra and not lose that distance endurance I have built up.
  3. My body HATES running in the middle of the day. So i’ll have to take on some longer lunchtime and afternoon runs to force my body into accepting it.
  4. I’m still having IT Band issues. So i’ll be needing physical therapy while I’m training so as to keep everything in check.

Of course, as I’m writing all of this I see that the first sentence of an article about 50 mile races on RunnersWorld reads DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED. Cool, Training 1: Stephanie 0. Solid start.

The Plan

I continue to do some research on my suicide training plan of choice. It seems like most 50-mile training plans fall after someone has developed their marathon base just post-marathon. Unfortunately, my last marathon was in February and my longest run since then is only 13.1. If I don’t find something to suit my current athletic state by tomorrow, I’m going to work on creating my own plan.

Has anyone else trained for a 24-hour race with a goal of 50 miles?



2 thoughts on “Ultramarathon Training

  1. I’m certainly a fan. I also like that the long Saturday runs aren’t anything crazy. Most plans expected me to be able to crank out 15 miles as of this weekend. Wishful thinking, but not feasible. I already take Mon/Fri off as often as possible (plus Friday races rock) so it sounds like this is the plan for me. Thanks for sharing!!

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