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Being a New Mom

Well, sort of.

No, I’m not pregnant. And I haven’t been hiding a baby bump over the last 9 months. I did, however, become a mommy on Tuesday night to a brand new bouncing baby kitten. She has officially taken the name of Lilly despite the little girl at the vet’s office desperate pleas to name her angel.

Aside from the fact that she’s beyond adorable. She is very well behaved and intelligent (Okay, yes, I’m biased). Frankly, I’ve fallen in love with her (Sorry Kevin).
I should probably backtrack a few days though so I can accurately explain how this entire thing came to be.

image photo


As many of you know, I was out of town in NY/NJ this weekend for my dear friend Elizabeth’s wedding. As an aside, the trip was a blast and she was by far one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen. But, I digress. So I was scanning through Twitter one morning and stumbled upon a friend’s tweet about a kitten looking for a forever home. She had asked for a retweet to assist, so I obliged and sent the kitten out into my Twitter-sphere. I went back a little bit later to actually look at the photo of said kitten and knew at that moment I had to have her.

She was very little. So little it was assumed she was only a few weeks old. Logan came across her in a bush outside a shopping center. Crying. She was either abandoned there by some monster of a human being, or no longer had a mother cat. Logan took her into the Petsmart in the shopping center and was given a foster parents phone number to contact. The one requirement in all this was that she find a home for her. Hence, her taking to Twitter.

After going back and forth all day, contacting my husband to tell him I was bringing her home no matter what get approval, and sending contact information to the foster parent, she had officially become mine and was to be picked up Tuesday evening. Upon arriving for pickup, we were told she was about 6 weeks old.

She has taken to our home and random schedule very well. During the day, she spends time in her playroom (aka, my bathroom) with her toys, litter box, water, a snack and a soft bed. I’ll admit, I had a damned near impossible time leaving her on Wednesday morning as she began screaming the minute I shut the door. I have never been as heartbroken and admittedly, held back tears the entire drive into work. Today was a little bit easier, but not by much.

She became litter box trained immediately upon arriving in the house. The woman hadn’t weaned her off formula but I made a concoction of soft kitten food and kibble that she was very fond of. Although, with as expensive as the formula was, she didn’t really have a choice.

The only minor issue we’ve had with her is her need to gnaw on our fingers and toes. While this doesn’t hurt, it’s more of an annoyance as she attacks them at the worst moments and holds on for dear life. I assume she’s teething.

Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to appropriately/easily teethe a kitten?


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