A Watched Garmin Never Finds its Satellites

I always run with my Garmin. Always. I may not always pay attention to it in regards to pace or splits but I do like to know exactly how far I’m running. Today on my hot, humid, side throbbing, f-word repeating, lunchtime run I walked out and away from my office building to give George, yes he has a name, appropriate space to find his satellite buddies. So I stood there on the side of the road, sun beating down, sweat beginning to gather on my brow, and waited. And waited. And waited. A few minutes later he still hadn’t gotten his stuff together. Frustrated and hot, I decided to just start running. Of course half a mile in I remember I never started the damned thing and finally scan through the settings to start tracking.

Now, on a 5, 10 even 15 mile run not having my Garmin on the ENTIRE run isn’t that big of a deal. But anything above 15 and certainly into the 20s I don’t want to run a single step further than I have to on training runs. Hot afternoon runs are similar in that I really don’t want to run more than I have time or the energy for. So I will usually stand there staring at my arm, looking crazy, waiting until the Garmin can find a signal.

Any other runners out there have the same annoying Garmin habits?

So, one of my oldest childhood friends is getting married this weekend in New Jersey. I’ll be heading up Friday evening and leaving Monday evening so I’m able to spend time with my parents who are also traveling up for the wedding.

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to run and explore somewhere new. With that being said, in all my travels around NY and NJ, I’ve never actually run there! My hotel is closer to the wedding venue than the city, and is located in Whippany, NJ.

I always gain a better respect for the locations I travel to when I’m able to go for a run. You end up with a better understanding of the community culture. How/where people live, what they do, where they eat, whether or not they are active. It’s like being included in a groups inner circle and knowing all the juicy gossip and details.

Do any other runners like to run while traveling?

The better question is have any of you run in that part of the Northeast and have an idea of whether that’s a safe/friendly place to run?


2 thoughts on “A Watched Garmin Never Finds its Satellites

  1. I too have cussed out my Nike+ Sportswatch on occassion (also on those super humid days). I’m sure the sight of a grown man screaming at his wrist while pacing has prompted many curious looks and possibly a call to the local police. Fun times!

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