Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.

Well, this is it. Wedding week has arrived. I commend Kevin and my own organizational skills for keeping the stress level at a very minimum over the past weeks and months. Even now 5 days out, I’m as cool as a cucumber.

I’m certain every bride goes through it, but I’m ready for the whole thing to be over. It’s not that I’m not extremely excited to marry my best friend and see my friends and family, I’m just over the constant bombardment from strangers and acquaintances saying ‘are you nervous/ready/freaking out?!’ No. I wasn’t nervous at all until you brought it up. But now that you mention it, I’m considering having second thoughts and cold feet. SOMEONE GET ME A COCKTAIL. STAT! Okay, am I the only bride on the planet that hasn’t been nervous to get married? If anything, I’m nervous about having people stare at me as I walk down the isle and try not to A) stumble from the amount of mimosas I plan to consume that morning, B) trip on my dress or C) forget what our Pastor has asked me to recite and resort to playing opossum in the grass in front of the gazebo while shouting ‘I do!’ from under the train of my dress.

But seriously, I’m confident things will be great regardless of whatever karma tries to throw my way this week.

In other news, I was so very excited to see the sun for the first time in almost a week that I considered stripping down to my skives and running in circles squealing. No really, I did. Spring has been a rough season for us Carolinians. We haven’t really had much warmth or sunshine so when we do, it’s important to take full advantage of it.

Because I haven’t had a free moment to write in the last few days, I suppose there is much more to catch up on than simply the wedding. My left knee has decided it would like to add to the excitement of the week and offer some major bone pain. Once my IT band calmed down, the bones began acting up. I took the weekend off running, despite my extreme desire to enjoy my final long run as a single woman, and will return to working out this evening with a Flywheel class. We shall see how things play out but I would very much like to see all my ladies for one more early morning run before things get crazy.

I’m going to entitle today ‘meaningful Monday’ in honor of Melanoma Black Monday (for my lovely friend Cayce who is a proud survivor), and no makeup Monday (which really is my way of trying not to break out from clogged pores before the weekend.)


It’s convenient working in a small office with only men. There’s really no one here to judge me one way or another.

Perhaps I should work on being producting for the remainder of my morning, considering I’m only in the office three days this week. Get out there and enjoy the day!


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