Blue Skies Smiling at Me

This is the type of day we Carolinian’s live for. Gentle warm breeze, perfect 70 degree temperature and a cloudless Carolina-blue sky. In a word, perfection. Day’s like these mean so much more when there are troubling things going on around you to drag you down. It almost restores your faith in everything good and pure.


Wednesday night was the NoDa Beer Club – Beers for Boston, run. This is the second time I’ve been out with the run club and as much as I normally dislike running around large quantities of people (and their dogs) who aren’t familiar with proper group-running etiquette, these outings are always enjoyable. This event, as you can tell by the name, was a fundraiser for the local families who were injured in the Boston Marathon Bombings. Between cash donations, and a portion of the proceeds from beer/food sales they were able to raise $1,177.75. That number doesn’t include what was raised online through the event so I’m confident that number will increase.


Pre-Race Crowd


Aggie supporting the cause for CRC

If you’re interested in donating to the Gross and Brannock families, visit www.bestrongstaystrong.net. 100% of donations will assist the Gross and Brannock family with their medical, physical and emotional needs, as well as lost income and unexpected expenses during their recovery. Both Erika and Nicole have gone through numerous surgeries and there is a high likelihood there will be more as time passes. Anything helps!

I am particularly looking forward to a weekend of relaxation, a few beers and getting in as many miles as my legs can handle at the 2.62 mile run fundraiser Sunday, also for the two families.

Speaking of beer, I’d like to extend my recommendation the NoDa Coco Loco porter. It doesn’t drink like a traditional so-rich-and-thick-you-sometimes-feel-like-you’re-drinking-motoroil, porter. No, it’s actually very smooth and balanced with a hint of sweetness that manifests from organic coconut. Traditionally my beer preferences change with the seasons, (I always find a newly established love for citrus, light lagers and Hefeweizen in the summer months) but I certainly wouldn’t have a problem drinking this as the temps begin to climb.


The soon-to-be Wagners

As you’re out and about this weekend, I challenge you to stay positive and enjoy a ‘glass half-full’ mentality. Life’s far too beautiful to be a negative-Nancy.


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