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Confessions of a Monogrammed Runner

I have an addiction. Okay, I have multiple addictions, but the one we’re going to address today is running clothes. There’s nothing better than hitting the trails, your favorite route or staring down the starting gun at a race sporting newly purchased gear. My gear of choice? Shorts. Every time I enter a running store, regardless of what I had initially planned to purchase, I find myself hovering over the sale rack in search of the perfect pair of obnoxiously colored and paterned shorts to add to my running wardrobe.

Now, this would be a far less expensive addiction if I could just stick with a single brand and length of shorts each time I went to purchase (because who doesn’t love in all their discounted glory?) Unfortunately, every pair of running shorts fits differently on me (even when staying within a uniform brand) and with my lack of junk in said trunk, some look much worse than others. Are there any other lady runners out there who face a similar frustration?

*Feel free to send coupons/gift certificates to me for any of our local running stores Plzkthx.

This evening’s NoDa Beer Club Run short of choice are my always dependable black Nike Dry-Fit. With that being said, hopefully the speed I’m looking to complete the 3 mile loop in will take precedent and deter anyone from glancing at my not-so-recently-shaved legs.

I want to give a shoutout to my lady (and Scott) Gazelles who took over the McMullen Creek Greenway in fabulous form last evening for Karen’s ‘welcome back to running’ run. The perfection of the evening showed itself in the form of 8 strong miles when the plan was 4-6.

*In case you are asking yourself what a lady Gazelle is, it is our 9 minute + mile pace group as part of the Charlotte Running Club. We love to run and we love to eat. If you’re interested in joining us on a group run be sure to comment below.

I’m anxiously awaiting this weekend’s SLR (Sunday Long Run) ‘Run Your Heart for Boston’ 2.62 hour run. As of today, there’s been over $10,000 dollars raised for the Gross and Brannock family injured during the Boston Marathon bombings. I look forward to updating more on their story and the event next week so stay tuned.


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