Marry, Marry quite contrary…

Monday started with a chilly  5+ miles of dodging worms, but included very enjoyable conversation with Hayley. I am far from being a morning person, but having someone to beat grumpy Stephanie into submission at 6AM always helps to turn the day around.

This morning we tackled the topic of marriage. Particularly, how location really effects ones mindset on the matter. Living in the South, there is what seems to be an unspoken rule that once your college friends begin getting married, you too must follow suit with an engagement. Back on the west coast things are completely opposite. Many of my friends and family in their mid-late 20s haven’t even started considering marriage as an option. It’s interesting seeing the societal norms change from one side of the country to the other.

Saturday was the 3 week mark leading up to my own wedding and when I consider all that has happened between graduating college and now, I couldn’t imagine getting married any younger than I currently am. There are even days that I question getting married at 26 and whether I am emotionally ready for that sort of mess, smell, commitment. Realistically, had Kevin and I not lived together, I’m not sure we would have progressed to being married 3 years into the relationship. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling those of you who were married young are wrong by any means, nor am I expressing second thoughts regarding my own wedding. I just don’t believe I would have been ready before this.

Another societal difference that became apparent moving to the South, is the idea of having children immediately after becoming married (the irony became very apparent as we trotted past a box of condoms laying in the middle of the sidewalk). I look forward to the many years Kevin will have together as a married couple before we add kids into the equation. I will admit that I’m self-centered in regards to my own wants and needs, and I am in no way ready to put those on the back burner. Whether it be my hobbies, my career or just having the time to be independent, I worry I would wind up resenting Kevin or the situation if he and I were to get pregnant before we were both completely ready for that commitment.

Needless to say, to what I’m sure is my Mother-In-Law’s displeasure,  there are no babies in the near future – Unless you count becoming parents to the kitten’s we’re going to adopt next month. In which case you can feel free to send gifts of kitty litter and toys in place of diapers and formula. But seriously, send it.


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