Chasing Down Dreams

Monday has been spectacular. I’ve spent the better part of my first day on the new job tracking friends running the Boston Marathon and getting myself acclimated to being in an office environment after a month and a half hiatus. Now, before you scold, I have meetings this afternoon to get discuss the new position and until then, I’m a free woman.

I can’t express the feeling of pure joy I’ve felt watching my friends achieve their dreams. I am in awe of the dedication they have put forth over the last few months and years to finally tackle this challenge and I couldn’t be more proud.

Update: I began writing this blog just before the bombing occurred at the finish line. It has taken some time to gather my thoughts and feelings on the matter, but I feel I’m ready to put this all into words.

I took to the streets this morning with my friend Hayley to do what we knew we had to – run. We talked about the shock and horror we experienced yesterday. The confusion of what had happened and why, and how truly helpless we continued to feel about the events. The realization hit both of us that with the timing of things, we could realistically have been finishing our marathon around the time of the blast. Those were our people hurt. The people who we talk with and extend support to as we make our way down the course. The people who challenge us to keep moving, work for the negative splits and remind that it’s time to fuel. The people who accept our schedules on Saturday mornings as we head out for hours on end to train. Our friends, our family, our cheerleaders – our people.


Proudly sporting my marathon shirt in honor and support of those affected.

There’s something about the running community that extends far deeper than friendship. We all know firsthand the challenges we each have faced or will face at one time in our careers. Together we celebrated the accomplishments and agonized over each failure. We all have a deeper understanding of why we run, an understanding that those who don’t run fail to grasp. For better or worse, we are a family.

Runners were the first people I made friends with here in Charlotte. They supported me through some of the most difficult times in my life and continue to each day. The sentiments of pride and joy I felt  yesterday extends much further today. I am happy to call you my friends and honored to call you family.


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